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Curriculum vitae

Wendy Heuvelmans

Media Music Composer / Keyboardist

Personal Details

Name Wendy Heuvelmans
Address Beekseweg 6 5087 KB Diessen
Mobile +31 (0)6 1655 4329
Born October 6th 1987, Diessen, The Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Languages Dutch, English

Work Experience

Composer & Arranger

Master of Music
Final Exam (2012)
Composed & Orchestrated 45 minutes of filmmusic and one jazz piece for 25 musicians including me
Music for promotional video
Master of Music
Instrumentation of “Andante” by Stravinsky for an ensemble of 15 musicians (2012)
Artistic Research
Music for several existing movie scenes and a short film
Music for promotional video
Codarts “Muziektheater
Showcase” (2010)
Instrument arrangements for “Hear My Song” and “I’m Alive
Bachelor of Music
Final Exam (2009)
Composed and arranged music for my band and songs for 4 strings and multiple singers / parts.
Discpartner (2009) Music for promotional video

Work Experience


Master of Music
Final Exam (2012)
Film music and a jazz piece
Penny's Twisted
Flavour (2007-present)
Keyboardist with progrock band “Penny’s Twisted Flavour”, “Sketches” released in 2010
Played in Coverbands & exams of other students.
Bachelor of Music
Final Exam (2009)
“Penny’s Twisted Flavour” and a full set of my own songs (2009)

Work Experience


Dordtse Muziekschool
(2010 – present)
Piano teacher in Dordrecht
Teaching at home (piano teacher)
The Hague & Dordrecht
Bandcoaching workshops at high schools and music schools like Ready to Play & Popcentrale

Education & Music Studies

Rotterdam Conservatory (Codarts)

Master of Music
Main subject: Pop Keyboards & special focus on (film music) composition, (jazz) arranging and orchestration (Taught by: Paul M. Van Brugge and Ab Schaap)
Bachelor of Music
(2005 – 2009)
Main subject: Pop Keyboards. Taught by Ronald Kool (Keyboardist with Anouk/Kane) & Berthil Busstra (Buzz Brothers)
Prepatory course
Main subject: Pop Keyboards.


“Muziekschool Hilvarenbeek”
and “Factorium” (Tilburg)
Classical & Jazz piano lessons
Koning Willem II College
Tilburg (1999–2004)
HAVO & I took an extra course in music that the school offered


Experienced in working with ProTools, Vienna Ensemble Host for Vi’s, East West & Native Instruments plugins and can find my way around other music software. (Cubase, Logic, Nuendo).

Notable Things

* My Bachelor thesis about film music received a 10 out of 10 score.
* Have experience with soundsynthesis (the making of sounds on e.g. a synthesizer)
* Have reasonable knowledge of most common instruments, can play some guitar, bass and drums as well.